Teaching Excellence

Teaching is one profession that creates all other professions. As teachers, mentors and scholars, faculty plays a crucial role in the academic life of the students. One of the finest in the city, our faculty comprises of well-experienced academicians. Equipped with both corporate and academic governance, our faculty members impart theoretical as well as practical competence to the students making them corporate ready at a nascent stage.

MIT is known for global leadership in education, and the MIT faculty is composed of people who are world class scholars. Faculty members are passionate and curious individuals who continue their own research while teaching at MIT. They come from across the country and bring with them a diverse wealth of knowledge.

The MIT faculty strongly emphasizes that tomorrow's technocrats need to be creative, hardworking and ready to shoulder tough challenges with the strategic and operational global perspective. All technical faculty members with mentoring skills are highly professional, and genuinely committed to nurture young minds. Analytical and integrative skills help students organise information that is clear and structured, leading to accurate definition of problems, generation of creative solutions and timely implementation of a chosen approach.

Faculty members are motivated to inculcate analytical, engineering and managerial skills in students who in future would be capable of solving critical problems in a complex global scenario.