Ragging Free Campus

What constitutes Ragging

1- Any conduct verbal/non-verbal or written having the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness.
2- Rowdy or indiscipline activities causing annoyance, hardship including physical or psychological and or raising fear or apprehension to any student.
3- Getting any student to do any act which will not be done in ordinary courses and which has the effect of causing for generating a sense of shame / affecting the fresher or any other student.
4- Act(s) preventing /disturbing the regular academic activity of any student.
5- Exploiting the services of any student, any act of financial extortion or forceful expenditure burden put on physical abuse, any act verbal or non-verbal, undesirable mails, posts, public humiliations either through active or passive participation.
6- Any act that adversely affects the mental health and self-confidence of fresher or any other student or any act with or without any intention to derive a statistic pleasure.
7- Abetment to Ragging, criminal conspiracy to Ragging, unlawful assembly, rotting while Ragging, wrongful confinement / restrain of any student, criminal trespass, offences against property.
8- Any act or conduct active or passive, verbal or non-verbal which has not been defined above which is not acceptable to the fresher / student.

Penal Action / Punishment for Ragging

1- Lodging of FIR with the Police Station and handing over the guilty student(s) to the police.
2- Suspension from classes and academic privileges.
3- Debarring from appearing in internal/ external examination or other evaluation processes.
4- Withholding results.
5- Debarring participation in any internal or external event.
6- Suspension/expulsion from the hostel.
7- Cancellation of admission and debarring from admission to any other Institute for a specific period. Rustication from Institute for a period ranging from one semester to two years.
8- Any other appropriate penalty as deemed fit.

Anti Ragging Committee Contact Number:-

Mr. Shubham Sharma : +91- 7417418575
Mr. Sachin Tyagi : +91- 9758304140